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Halong Bay 3 Days - 2 Nights with Apricot Cruis...
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There are 2 Apricot Cruises (one cruise with 10 cabins, another with 13 cabins) with beautiful cabins to ensure intimate privacy and comfort for all guests. Welcome to Halong Apricot Cruise! Have a fantastic Halong tour on elegant Halong Apricot Cruise. The warm hospitality with superior service bring the best memories about Halong Discovery cruising blue water of Halong Bay. Apricot Cruise aims to deliver an unparalleled experience for guests, with an authentic Vietnamese feel within the neoclassical design and a boutique allure with our bespoke services.The management are committed in provide continuous training and development opportunities towards their career to the local Vietnamese crew which in return the crew provides excellent hospitality services which above our guest expectation. The Culture Traditional architecture yet the modern of The Apricot Cruises bring you the cultural experience of the local Vietnamese during your trip.

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