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Homosexuality and the U.S. Military
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Homosexuality and the U.S. Military The purpose of this study was to examine and gain an understanding of those homosexuals who choose to join the military and serve under sexually covert conditions. The questions contained in the survey were used to assist in understanding why the participants made the choices they made in regards to their military service. The survey included the Gay Identity Questionnaire (Brady & Busse, 1994), the Satisfaction with Life scale (Diener, Emmons, Larsen, & Griffin, 1985), and the Generalized Expectancy for Success Scale-Revised (Hale, Fiedler, & Cochran, 1992). Additional questions in the survey were related to preference choices that assisted in testing the theory proposed of homosexuals who join the military belonging to one of three life preference groups: adaptive, community centered, or career centered.

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