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175 Years of Cunard
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Cunard's first ship, Britannia, set sail across the Atlantic on 4 July 1840, after Nova Scotian Samuel Cunard was awarded a steamship mail contract in 1939. Cunard has maintained a transatlantic presence for 175 years. The key to its success in part due to its continuous technological advances from the early years of wooden paddle steamers, to the iron-hulled record-breaker Persia, through to the all-important transition to steel in 1881. The Cunard Queens answered to the call of duty during the two world wars and transported thousands of troops to fight on the sides of the allies, which saw their traditional colours painted to camouflage their safe passage. Cunard's QE2 was a much-beloved liner and the most famous ship at sea, participating in the Falklands Campaign and sailing more than 2.5 million miles during a 40-year career. Today the three current Queens are a celebration of Cunard's heritage and are considered to be some of the greatest ships in the world, providing luxurious accommodation, excellent service and lively entertainment whilst its passengers travel the world. This book uses stunning photographs to explore the history of these magnificent ships.

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